Crowdfunding Platform 2.0 based on Blockchain Technology introducing ILP and conventional Token Generation Events. OUR PUBLIC SALE IS ONLINE -


In our FAQ section, you will find a good deal of useful information on the SCC Tokens at a glance. In case your question remains unanswered, you can always feel free to contact [email protected]

SmartContractChain is a fundraising platform for various projects including the business sphere, which allows you to launch a variety of fundraising campaigns such as: crowdfunding and crowdinvesting campaigns. At the platform's first launch stage, the funds are accepted in BTC, ETH and other crypto-currencies.

The funds are transferred to the authors in FIAT after the campaing on milestone base. The author can be anywhere in the world — the platform does not have citizenship requirements except for one: the campaign should not be contrary to the jurisdiction legislation in the country author has citizenship in. And the author or an accounting office must incorporate the company in Switzerland and pay taxes. The fact differentiating SmartContractChain from other platforms is the ability of money transfers to be proceeded from any place of the world obtaining Internet connection.

Anyone can create a campaign and no special technical knowledge is required for this: just create a text description, create a campaign page and set its parameters. In case user needs his own crypto currency or other tokens, he can create it in the required amount directly on the platform with a simple and intuitive interface, just in few steps. Then user can create discounts and rewards system, as well as what and how much backer will receive after the purchase. The campaign can be launched by the author at any convenient time after the moderators’ approval.

The key feature of the platform is its own token — SCC.

A digital Stockwallet is an essential component of the SCC. It is the facilitator of currency and tokenexchange in the entire platform. Currency coins or tokens are stored in the wallet for usage by creators and populated with coins by backers when need arises.

SmartContractChain is built on the basis of crypto currency like Ethereum-based smart-contracts.This allows it to remove intermediaries in terms of fundraising (banks, payment systems and other regulators) and open borders for the whole world.

Blockchain is a distributed database that doesn’t have storage devices connected to a shared server. This database stores an ever-growing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block.

ICO, or Initial Coin Offering is a mechanism for raising funds, under the terms of which future crypto currency is sold for liquid virtual money. You pay with bitcoin or ethereum in ICO, and in return receive tokens of the new project. This is another realization of the crowdfunding model. The participants finance the company's development now in order to obtain from it some benefit in the future.

This is a program code that allows you to automatically perform certain functions when certain conditions occur. To implement smart-contracts, a decentralized environment is required that completely excludes the human factor. To use the transfer of value in a smart-contract, it requires a cryptocurrency.

These are monetary units (also known as "coins" or "tokens") protected by cryptographic technology. There is no physical analogue to these monetary units, they exist only in virtual space. Tokens are protected from forgery, because they represent encrypted information that can not be copied (the use of cryptography defined the prefix "crypto" in the title).

The tokenprice for the ICO period varies and the number of token you receive for 1 ETH is set at daily rate of ETH.

SCC token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token. Token holders can easily store and manage their SCC using existing Ethereum clients supporting ERC20 token, including the official Ethereum wallet, Mist,

No, since the SCC tokens are released on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need an Ethereum address to get and store SCC's. You can use the following Ethereum wallets: Ethereum wallet, Mist, or other wallets in which you have access to your private keys and support ERC20 tokens.

Don’t send the Ethereum to participate in ICO from the accounts of exchanges !!! You don’t have access to your private keys on accounts of crypto-exchanges, so you won’t have access to SCC!

The Soft Cap is set at 1'000'000 USD and the Hard Cap is 30'000'000 USD.

The distribution of funds received by the platform during the ICO campaigns will almost completely be used for further development of the platform. The development plan for SmartContractChain includes not only the further development of the platform itself, but also the marketing of campaigns launched on the platform and the creation of the crowdfunding 2.0 economy, which will replace the outdated model on which modern crowdfunding platforms are working.

The preliminary distribution of funds is as follows:

  •    40% for development
  •    30% for marketing
  •    10% for legal
  •    10% for operation
  •    5% for team
  •    5% for exchange listings

SCC are not stocks, goods or investments. SCC is a token  that will be received by those users who will support campaigns launched on the platform. Until then, they can be bought during the ICO, which starts on 15th of October and end at 31st of December.

After that you will not be able to buy SCC from us, but you can buy them on the openmarket , after their placement and anticipated launches on the exchanges.

SCC is created by a smart contract SmartContractChain. In case the ICO successfully completes the fundraising, SCC is credited to all the backers participating in the ICO.

SCC tokens can only be purchased during the ICO.

You can use it to support the campaign's author on the platform, and be  a part of something big.

We will initially around 45MM Tokens for sale. Any token that would be unused will be removed or burned in technical terminology.

75% of all tokens will be distributed to the public in the medium-long term. This will ensure long term growth of the SCC technology and Tokens.

Your SCC tokens will be kept by you, on your personal Ethereum wallet supporting ERC20.

You need to register on and enter your ETH address in your profile.

Registration is necessary besides KYC also in order to be able to create, view and comment campaigns on the platform, and also for many other social opportunities.

Sometimes it happens that email for different reasons (not depending on us) can go for a very long time, or not come at all. If this happens, then the email can come later, within an hour. In addition, please check the spam folder and if our email was there, be sure to notify us at [email protected]