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Welcome to SmartContractChain©.

Kindly read the terms and conditions meticulously before utilizing our website, purchasing our tokens or post anything on our social media pages. By accessing the website or services, you agree to be bound by these stipulations. This agreement governs your access to the website, and we might refer SmartContractChain© as the "Project", "we", "our", "website", "platform" or other relevant terms.

The user understands that the website and the SCC token cannot be resold for profits, otherwise stated or approved by the Company to any person where transactions are prohibited or restricted by the law. We do not allow any kind of fraudulent, unauthorized or unlawful activity.

Distribution of tokens will start from October 15th and will run for a specific time period (December 31st). In order for this distribution, 45’119’047 SCC tokens will be available.


Your presence on and use of this Site is your statement and confirmation that you’re minimum 18 years of age, and have never previously been blocked, banned or suspended from the Site. You additionally state and confirm that you aren’t a resident of any Restricted State. You state and confirm that you aren’t:

  1. residing within, controlled by, or a permanent resident or national of any state currently under a services or goods embargo.
  2. In receipt of “Specially Designated National” status, or
  3. named on the Denied Persons List of the Commerce Department. You further state and confirm that if your country’s laws prohibit your use of this site under these Terms, you will not use it.

Furthermore, you state and confirm that you won’t, under any circumstances, make use of this website for illegal activities, listed as without limitation finance of terrorism, sponsorship of violent activities, extortion, data ransoming, blackmail, fraud, money laundering or illegal gambling.

Privacy Policy


We take our privacy obligations, and the privacy of your data, seriously. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we would share information with third parties only when such a measure is required by a court order or law enforcement, or as a compliance requirement in matters of identity verification or matters of legal reporting. The sole judgment of SmartContractChain© is final in these matters.

Data Security On The Internet


Transmitting information and data - including email - across the internet and/or other networks accessible to the public may not be secure at all times. It is possible for data to be lost, intercepted or altered during transmission. As such, SmartContractChain© do not accept, without limitation, any liability for lost or damaged data, or costs incurred by you because of electronic data transfer across the internet or other accessible network. This includes, without limitation, transmissions involving e-mail, or across the Platform, that contain your personal information. While SmartContractChain© commits to making all effort deemed commercially reasonable to secure the privacy of your data, and safeguard it in line with SmartContractChain©’s Privacy Policy, the information you share with or send to SmartContractChain© will in no event be deemed as confidential, obligate SmartContractChain© financially, or create any liability to SmartContractChain© in the event of the information being released negligently, or accessed by a third party without the consent of SmartContractChain©.

Risk Disclosure Statement

The service provided by SmartContractChain© is “execution-only” and as such no advice will be provided on the prospective merits of individual transactions or the tax consequences thereof. As general principles, Users should make themselves aware of the below information before they commence trading activities.

There is risk in every Token trade.


Every individual Token has a set of unique features that affect how volatile its value is. Factors beyond the control of SmartContractChain© can impact market value for any Token, for example market manipulation, regulatory activity, and inexplicable or unexpected volatility of pricing. Bugs or other unforeseeable factors may cause Blockchain networks to go offline. As such, SmartContractChain© cannot and will not be held liable for loss due to trading, or loss due to factors it cannot control with relation to the viability of Blockchain networks.

Advanced technical knowledge is required.


Tokens are frequently referred to in technical terms requiring a detailed understanding of computer science and applied cryptography in order to understand the underlying risks. A Token being listed on SmartContractChain© does not constitute SmartContractChain©’s approval nor disapproval of the technology behind it, and the fact that a Token is listed should never be used in place of your own proper understanding of that Token’s individual risks. We do not offer warranty regarding the suitability of Tokens traded according to our Terms, and we accept no fiduciary duty as part of our relationship with you.

Tokens are traded at your own risk.

As part of undertaking any transactions, you confirm that you were, are, and will remain the individual solely responsible for your own judgment in appraising and investigating the risks of any individual transaction and the relevant Tokens associated with it. You confirm that you have a sufficient level of knowledge, an awareness of the sophistication of markets, and are confident in your own experience enough to make such evaluations yourself, and understand all risks associated with the trade.

You must comply with all applicable laws.


You agree and accept that SmartContractChain© are not responsible for identifying which laws, if any, could apply to any individual transaction you undertake. This includes tax laws. The responsibility to pay any taxes which arise from your using of the Services rests solely with you.

You understand and accept the risk potential of operational issues.


It is possible that SmartContractChain© could suffer from advanced cyber attack, unpredictable activity surges and/or technical and operational issues that could have an impact on Service availability. You accept that because of this, there is a risk of transactions failing due to technical problems, including those caused by attacks from external forces. You therefore agree that you will not hold SmartContractChain© liable for any losses resulting from this. 

SmartContractChain © does not provide a trading advice service.

In the event that SmartContractChain©, or a representative of SmartContractChain ©, does appear to provide a trading recommendation, a comment on the market, or other information on the viability of trades, then this act is to be considered incidental, and as such does not impose the obligation of due diligence or truth on SmartContractChain© or the representative.

Users accept that sending Tokens to off-platform addresses is a high risk activity.

There is no guarantee that Token transactions can be reversed. Therefore you accept that once you have transferred a Token to an address, you may have lost access to the Token(s) indefinitely. If an incorrect address is entered, the owner of that address may not be discovered, or may refuse to return your Token(s), or insist on some form of activity or identification from you before agreeing to any potential return.


We will not be liable for any reimbursement or compensation in case you are unable to access the website or tokens, for reasons such as power outages, account termination, system malfunction, or any type of interruption. We make reasonable attempts to safeguard your account, however we will not be responsible for any third party access to your account, or in case you suspect deletion, alteration or destruction of your private information, including tokens. We suggest you to contact us immediately so that we can investigate the situation. You do not hold any right to demand refund or return of the tokens you purchased.

SmartContractChain © does not assure that the information or content that is posted on the website or our social media pages will be 100% accurate or precise. We will try our best to publish error-free and accurate service descriptions; however we will not be liable in case an error or mistake is noticed. If you notice an error, please inform us and we will correct the mistakes. We do not warrant that the website will be free of malware, viruses or other harmful elements that could hinder your use of the website.


SmartContractChain© will not be liable for any tax obligations, and you understand that managing or handling your potential and factual taxes is your responsibility. We reserve the rights to conduct "Know Your Customers" or antimoney laundering checks. In the event we require you to submit the details needed to complete the process, you must send us the information in a timely fashion. In the event a user fails to submit the information, we may cease the access to our platform.

Your Obligations:

You agree that you will not:

  • Use our information, tokens or services for any illegal purpose;
  • Use malware, viruses or other damaging technologies to harm our material;
  • Try to compromise our data or collect any other user's information without consent;
  • Upload any defamatory, libelous, inappropriate, obscene, hazardous or pornographic information, details, pictures or applications;
  • Submit or display any information, details, photos or systems that could breach any property rights of other individuals utilizing the Services;
  • Reproduce or resell our products for profits;
  • Utilize our products, services or website if you are under 18 years of age;
  • Utilize automated programs to send spam emails to us or our users, or try to scrape or crawl any page of our website

You agree that you will be utilizing our products, services, and the information posted on our website only for legitimate purposes, and will not violate local, national or international regulations in any form.

Intellectual Property

You understand that all the content posted on our website such as processes, logos, images, videos, graphics, techniques, source codes, brand names, tokens, compositions and any other material is owned by SmartContractChain©. You are not allowed to modify or use our intellectual property for any reason. We will grant a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to access the website or tokens.



We may notify our users by posting a notification on our website or by sending an email. The notices will become effective as soon as we post them on our platform, or send you an email. As a user, you acknowledge that you agree to the clause, and it is your responsibility to read the notices. If there is any question, or you want to send us a notice, please email us at [email protected] The communication must be made in English.


The user understands that the materials such as business plan do not form part of this agreement. Also, we do not allow anyone under 18 to register on our website, and if we find such information, we will delete it immediately from our servers. We attempt to provide users with reliable services, however we will not be liable in case a user experiences any delay due to the factors beyond our reasonable control, such as software or hardware interruption, riots, earthquake, telecommunication errors, acts of terrorism, alterations in blockchain technology, or any other cause that is outside the control of our team.

Users are not allowed to assign the agreement and the stipulations contained in it to any third person without our consent. In the event any section of this agreement becomes invalid, the remaining sections will work in full force and impact. The users also understand that in case any dispute arises out of these terms, it must be settled by the negotiation between parties, and in case it is unable to resolve the disputes mutually, they will be solved in the Arbitration Court. Before filing any claim, you must contact us via email to resolve the dispute. The claim must not be made 30 days after sending the e-mail.

In the event you disagree with any of the stipulations mentioned in this agreement, you must stop using the services we offer.

Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy explains how we collect, use and share your information when you interact with us, or utilize any of the products or services we offer. It explains we process your information, what is the purpose of processing this information, what kind of information we store and how long we store it for.

The controller of this crucial information is SmartContractChain©, unless otherwise described. You can get in touch with us by sending an email or by phone. You can reach us here:

Bösch 73
6331 Hünenberg

You can send to our data protection officier an email at [email protected] or via postal address.

We collection information from you when you contact us, make an enquiry or complaint, purchase our product or service, or sign up for our newsletter. We also collect information from our users indirectly. The information is stored in secure servers and is accessed only by our officials who have the rights to use your information. These include but not limited to our marketing partners who handle our email services, for example sending special offers and deals to our buyers.

We may also share the information with legal authorities in case a dispute is opened against our users. We may use your information in various ways such as, to show customized services and features you might be interested in, to improve your experience with us, to help us offer better services to you, to process your transactions or to send special deals from time to time.

How we protect your information

Protecting your information is important to us, and we make sure the information you provide is encrypted. We use malware scanning services to ensure your details are safe, and we also utilize SSL technology to store handle your sensitive information.

We are dedicated to protecting your information, however we are not liable for any damage or loss in case the information is shared or leaked in certain instances. As a user, you understand that the information shared over the internet is not fully secured, and you transmit such information at your own risk. We have implemented various security measures however we cannot guarantee complete security of the information. We try to meet the highest standards while collecting or utilizing your information, and we are always available in case there's any complaint or query regarding the services we offer.

We work diligently to process your data. If you have any concern, you can send an email to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible. In the event you remain dissatisfied with the answers, you reserve the rights to submit a complaint about how we process your information to the supervisory authority.

Third Party Links

We may include some third party links on our website for your convenience. As a user, you understand that we do not control these links in any way, and they are displayed for your information purposes only. We will not be liable in case you visit those websites and perform any activity. We do not verify the authenticity of these links and you will be responsible for any activity you perform.

Your data protection is our first priority, and we have implemented several techniques that will safeguard your information with us. In the event a breach happens, we will inform to the relevant data protection agency within 72 hours. We will also inform our users in case there is high risk of data breach.

Opting Out

Your data protection is our first priority, and we have implemented several techniques that will safeguard your information with us. Moreover you always have a choice to opt-out from the communication by clicking on "Unsubscribe" button in the e-mails we send. In the event a breach happens, we will inform to the relevant data protection agency within 72 hours. We will also inform our users in case there is high risk of data breach.


For how long do we store your information?

We store your information as long as you are our customer. We can also store your information for a specific time-period such as 5 years, after you stop purchasing from us. We store this information due to a number of reasons:

1. To answer a question or resolve a complaint submitted by you
2. To research and study our customers' behavior for our internal researches
3. To keep record of the customers we serve
4. To provide you with reliable tokens and special offers

We usually delete your information after this time-period, however in certain occasions, we are obliged to store this information for a longer duration for technical or legal purposes. Again, we do not share this information with any third party, and you can contact us if you want to remove your sensitive information such as financial details.


Is it necessary to submit the information?

No, you can choose not to submit your information. In specific events, we need some details from you, and if you do not provide us with the information, you could experience delay or it can prevent us from fulfilling our agreement with you. Sometimes we need information required by the law, and in certain instances, we need information that is useful, however not required legally. We will clarify every time we need information from you. You have control over your information, and we will not store your information without your consent.



Cookies are basically small data files that are stored in your desktop, mobile phone or tablets when you visit our website. These files are stored in your device to enhance your experience, and they are not harmful to your system in any way. These files store information such as your personal preferences while visiting our website, your choices and other information that enhance user experience. We utilize this information to research how visitors utilize our platform so that we can improve them, showcase products you are interested in, protect yourself from frauds, customize our marketing campaigns, and more.

These cookies could be persistent or session cookies.

Session cookies are used for security purposes. These cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Persistent cookies are stored in your device even if you close your browser. These cookies are helpful in remembering your username or products you were interested in.

Withdrawing Your Consent

This section demonstrates how you can withdraw your consent. You reserve the rights to withdraw the consent anytime you want. Please send us an email and we will remove your information. You must understand that we will not be able to provide you with certain products or services to you after you withdraw the consent.

How we use your information

We will share your information with third party providers to perform necessary actions such as financial transactions. We share this information only to provide you with products or services, operate our business and to conduct functions required to complete certain processes.

We may also share information with authorities such as local and central government, fraud prevention agencies, tax authorities, financial services, sub-contractors, advisers, employers etc.